Common AC System Problems That Cost You Both Frustration and Money

When Is an Air Conditioning Contractor Really Needed?


Proper air conditioning installation and maintenance can help you enjoy a perfectly working cooling or heating system for decades. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are concerned enough about their AC systems nor are they willing to pay for the services of a reliable local air conditioning contractor. DIY or unprofessional electrical work, as well as failure to perform proper and timely maintenance, can result in various problems that will cost you plenty of repair-related expenses in the future. This is why it is important to know and book a specialist whenever you need help.


A neglected or improperly installed AC can lose even more than 5% of its efficiency this year. And this is only during the first few years after its installation. A secondary consequence of your upkeep negligence can be a complete breakdown of your system way earlier than you expected but still after your warranty has expired. So, you will end up paying for a new one or for the major repairs of your old AC. The most common problems are overheated thermostats, which are very expensive to replace. Every maintenance service performed by a licensed air conditioning contractor in Morton Grove, IL will cost you much less than any potential repair you may have to do as a result of your failure to act in time.


Different surveys prove that with regular tune-ups, a unit will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. This means that the cost of an annual tune-up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly electric bills and reduced repair costs. For example, the parts of your AC that lack lubrication when it is needed cause friction in the motor sand. This increases the amount of electricity that you use with as much as 5%. Any lack of lubrication can cause your equipment to wear out quickly and require more frequent repairs or replacement.


To avoid the issues mentioned above, as well as some other potential problems, do not hesitate to contact the air conditioning contractor S.E. Mechanical Inc., at (847) 324-9961. We can always help you install or maintain your heating and cooling unit without harming your budget!

Looking for Expert AC Repairs?

Find the Right Air Conditioning Contractor

Air conditioning units are really a blessing. They balance out the temperature during those unbearably cold days. There will be times that you will be experiencing problems with your AC units and with that said, you will need to find the right air conditioning contractor. With the demand for expert technicians at an all time high, you might find it hard to find the right one for you. However, with these tips, you will find the right one in no time:


Experience plays a big role in the outcome of any repair project, and AC repairs are no exception. If you want the best results possible, you will need to hire a professional air conditioning contractor with experience. An experienced contractor makes the job easy and will be able to complete it in no time. When you are in the market for an expert AC technician, you might also find a technician with no experience. It is actually okay to hire an inexperienced HVAC contractor, as long as they have the right training for the job.

Local Contractors

While you might be tempted on hiring a professional HVAC technician that is based out of the state, it is still a good idea to hire a local air conditioning contractor. Why is that? This is because you can count on your local experts for a job well done, not to mention you will be more confident knowing that they possess all of the necessary certificates and licenses in your local area. Some local contractors are also insured and bonded, meaning that you will not be held responsible if something happens to the technician while working on your property.


You can trust local HVAC contractors in Morton Grove, IL like S.E. Mechanical Inc. for expert AC repair and maintenance services. If you want to know more about professional AC services, you can call (847) 324-9961.