Electric Furnaces vs. Gas Powered Furnaces

A Professional Heating Contractor Makes a Subjective Comparison between Electric and Gas Furnaces

All heating systems have a limited lifespan. This means that, at some point, you’ll have to replace your current system with a newer, better, and more efficient one. Thanks to technological advancements, the heating systems nowadays are a lot more economical and efficient than the ones we were buying decades ago. However, if you live in a colder climate, then you may have to rule out heat pumps as they don’t perform so well in cold climates. So, it seems that your only options are electric or gas furnaces. As a professional heating contractor, I’ve done a small research on these two types of furnaces in order to determine which one is better. Here is what I’ve concluded.

Electric furnaces

The initial cost of an electric furnace is lower than the price of a gas-powered system. However, the cost to operate an electric furnace is a bit higher than the cost of operating a gas furnace. One very important advantage of electric units is longevity. The average lifespan of an electric furnace is around 25 years. Gas furnaces may not last that long. Furthermore, electric furnaces are a lot easier to maintain. Many times, the homeowners can troubleshoot and repair the units on their own, without the need of a professional heating contractor.

Gas Furnaces

Since natural gas is a cheaper form of energy than electricity, operating a gas-powered furnace is cheaper than operating an electrical unit. Gas furnaces also have greater heating power, which means they can heat up a home faster. Because of this particular advantage, gas units are preferred by people who live in very cold climates.

There also a few drawbacks. Gas units require a more complex installation process than electrical heating systems. Additionally, there is also the safety factor. Gas furnaces require regular maintenance or else they can become quite dangerous.

Choosing the right type of furnace often depends on the climate in your area as well as your personal preferences. However, before you make any decisions, consult a professional heating contractor.

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